Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fruits of Labor

Finally saw the last movie that I worked on on the big screen. 

Pacific Rim was one of the greatest and extremely enjoyable movie that I have had the fortune to work on in ILM-Singapore.
The whole year and more of toiling and supporting the artists as a production assistant had been a truthfully enjoyable experience. I struggled, I overcame, I cried, I improved, I suggest, I fail, I was comforted and I was inspired. And I inspire. As much as they might not realize, everyone on the project touched me in some way or another and without them I can't improve and be better. And likewise, I hoped I did provide people with inspiration and a valuable take-away from the project. 

I'm currently struggling in my new role but after viewing the movie two days back and watching everyone's reaction, I realized just how important my role as production can be. It's easy to make things really easy for yourself. It's harder to inspire people to want to get the job done, and to feel part of the team. 
And I get inspired all over again. 


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amiroarrr said...

So happy for you, love! I'm sure you'll do awesome for the future! Miss you! <3